The bottom line for your business is this …

Reactive Management leads to “machinery” breakdown and delays in production. These delays lead to decreased customer satisfaction along with increased costs. When the “machinery” is people, it creates pain affecting performance and leading to greater healthcare and benefit costs.

Pain, no matter what the cause, will always lead to less satisfaction in life and less productivity at work.

What causes the pain?

Every person has fundamental emotional needs. Those needs include:

  • The need to be loved
  • The need to be valued
  • The need to be powerful
  • The need to belong

When any of the basic psychological needs aren’t met, they cause emotional and, often, physical pain.

Learning strategies and skills to address needs and emotional stress is a foundation on which to build healthy lifestyles, happy people, and productive employees.

Let Corporate Touch Massage and Wellness help you align values and passions with strategies, skills, and strengths for the people in your company.

    “Massage works because it changes your whole physiology. The key components of massage’s benefits include the decrease in cortisol & increase of dopamine & serotonin affected by massage.  She goes on to say that there isn’t a single condition that they have looked at — including cancer — that hasn’t responded positively to massage.  The studies they have conducted at the Touch Research Institute have included topics on autism, ADHD, anorexia, pregnancy, low-back pain, fibromyalgia, migraine, cerebral palsy, spinal-cord injury, asthma and many others.”

    Tiffany Fields, PhD

    Founder, Touch Research Institute

    What people say about Corporate Touch…

    We appreciate Corporate Touch Massage & Wellness coming on-site and providing a wonderful relaxing day of massages for all of our employees.  I am thankful my company recognizes the valuable service offered and in turn gives it in appreciation to everyone here at PFIA (Police & Firemen’s Insurance Association).  Everyone feels refreshed and renewed afterwards and they always look forward to the next visit!  Thank you for providing an excellent service.

    Jeanie Williams

    VP of Operations

    My doctor recommended I try massage for my headaches because I didn’t want to take medication.  I started using Corporate Touch Massage and Wellness at my work place twice a week for a 15 minute massage.  Not only did my headaches go away, I also noticed it helped relieve the pain in my hips from my arthritis.  I had some financial difficulties and had to stop getting a chair massage twice a week and started having problems with my hips again.  I talked to my doctor and she agreed with me the massage was beneficial in reducing the pain and stiffness caused by my arthritis.  I would highly recommend chair massage!

    Carla K.

    DFAS employee

    I was intrigued when my employer arranged to have chair massages available at our workplace. Now a regular customer, chair massage has improved my well being and saved money, for myself as well as my company, by reducing my need for chiropractic care. I highly recommend adding this employee/employer benefit to your workplace.

    Jeff Hayes

    MISO Employee

    Corporate Touch Massage logo with tagline

    Corporate Touch restores bodies in business with massage therapy, wellness workshops and coaching - each highly valuable in maximizing the health of your organization, not just your bottom line. We help you recognize the parallels between bodies and business and put them to work!


    "How you run your body is how you run your business. That's the bottom line."